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10 Emerging IoT Startups in India to watch for in 2017

IoT India Magazine


“…Traversing onto this road, there have been innumerable startups rooting up in this domain which in itself speaks of the huge potential this space has. Leafing through the huge list of startups in IoT sector, we bring to you, yet again, 10 emerging names from India that have been making India proud…

Saturam: Born out of delivering IoT deployments, Saturam believes in mastery over Devices, Data and AI…”

Internet of things is now heading to your kitchen

The Economic Times


“…Bengaluru-based startup Saturam is evaluating using its retail IoT platform for customised solutions in the restaurant space. “The platform, which was built six months ago, can be purposed for solutions across business verticals such as logistics, retail, energy etc. The restaurant segment is one of them,” said Muralidharan Krishnamoorthy, founder of Saturam Technologies.”

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