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On-Premise & Secure

Out-of-the-box Embedded Analytics Pipelines for Banking Transformation

We provide pre-packaged streaming data pipelines that can be easily integrated into your existing IT Assets to instantaneously change the way your bank does business. Our data apps are immediately deployable with practically no down time, allowing you to swiftly experience the vast benefits that come with unifying your data streams and pairing them with a powerful and highly customizable analytics solution.

Elegantly Simple, Immensely Powerful

Analytics pipelines will ease the complications involved in implementations of various use cases. It will streamline your processes and improve efficiency across all LOBs.

Rapid Integration

Data apps in our kitty will seamlessly integrate all the aspects of your bank and increase the value of the data at your disposal. It will integrate your offline, mobile, web, net-banking services etc. into a single, well-oiled machine.

Pre-packaged, off-the-shelf algorithms, supports customization

Analytics apps can tailored to suit the unique needs of your bank. It is be designed to effectively gather valuable and pertinent data from various sources, both externally and within the organization.

On-premise & Secure

Our data and analytics apps have escaped the scrutiny of many a VA/PT, OWASP tests and was developed with utmost care towards security. It can easily be hosted and integrated into your IT assets on-premise or on any of your data centers.

Extensively Tested & Low TCO

Our Embedded AI platform has a low total cost of ownership and have enabled firms to enjoy significantly increased profits across a wide range of industries such as travel, healthcare, and FMCG. All our applications are extensively tested and receive regular updates and support from our engineering team.

Any Data, Any format

Whether you want to link records based on your customer address or look up a Geocoding API to link on Latlong, look no further than our set of data apps in our platform to accomplish all your advanced data needs.

Drive a 5-10x ROI across all banking use-cases by making it streaming, real-time, and integrated

With our deep-learning algorithms, you can identify trends before they begin, perfectly understand the reasons driving certain changes, and plan an appropriate response accordingly. Our tools help you identify trends, often well ahead of time (and the competition). By applying the five Ws to your data collection and analytics pipeline, your bank can magnify its information gathering and problem solving capabilities across use cases.

Drive Customer Acquisition. High conversion rates.

Increase spends across Portfolios

Integrate & Track

Triple your Activation and upgrade rates

Build a Connected Rewards and Redemption Platform

Reward customers online, offline and everywhere with our connected redemption platform. Unbias targeting and rewarding customers seen as less risky and more beneficial to the bank. Seamless amalgamation is the key to business excellence in the age of Embedded analytics. By streaming and integrating your banking data in real-time, you are well-positioned to drive huge returns on your investment while simultaneously raising the profile of your organization.

Eliminate manual-error ridden Excel Analytics

Drive Loyalty Acquisition

Leave no customer behind

Drive Engagement through Social Listeners