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Integrated Data Pipelines - Your new raw material for Industry 4.0

Imagine an Industrial analytics pipeline that taps into Machine, Process , Order, Client, Supplier and Employee Data and creates a positive analytics loop. Connect the data - all the way - and prevent defects, predict maintenance, forecast demand, reduce warrant costs and of course boost ROIs across supply chain.

Drive brontobyte driven IIOT connectivity

As devices and sensors go mainstream, use our robust data pipelines to store and compute the brontobytes of data from these valuable sources of connectivity. The cumulative benefits of timely, context-aware decisions on the industrial bottom line can be evident.

Unconnected Machines to Globally connected plants

Our off-the-shelf pipelines lead to a constant stream of real-time insights from devices, sensors, PLCs, SCADAs and CRMs to allow Industries take quick action instead of waiting 24 hours for information to trickle in. Driven by IIOT, use our Event Pipelines to instantly track every one of your company's predictive intents.

Stop the Defects

Our Embedded AI tools take defect prevention to the next level by real-time predicting process parameters, yield variations and stopping the defects from recurring. Get alerted to product and warranty returns, supplier performance analytics to stop defects

And to Personalized Product Manufacturing

Our deep learning algos in the platform, enable you to spot new opportunities for revenue generation by understanding your end users needs. The ability to assess customer needs will be critical in helping you pioneer new products and additional sources of revenue.

From Reactive to Predictive Maintenance

Embedded Analytics platform can extrapolate real-time and massive machine, process and order data to detect machine faults and address failures while reducing downtime, cutting costs and driving efficiency. Reduce technical and organizational downtime by reducing changeover losses and issues related to supplier performance.

Zero the Warranty Costs

Use our Analytics pipelines to produce build-to-order final products that have the least defects and lowest warranty expenses. Our customizable AI pipeline can empower Manufacturing, to spot and learn warranty claims in real-time and to act and prevent the impact on product defects.

Triple your ROIs across all Industry 4.0 usecases by making it streaming, real-time and automated

Embedded Analytics can help you replace the conventional ‘break fix’ reactive approach to a more predictive AI strategy in terms of quality, cycle time, availability of solutions, maintenance and energy material. One of our clients monitored patterns and assessed feedback to create stickier products and SLAs across the supply chain. Anomaly detection, Correlation and Data visualization are the major tools to identify and decode the complicated process of manufacturing and helps address the production issues.

Automated. Supports Customization.

Massively Scalable. Cost-effective.

Easy to Deploy

On-Premise or

Baby Steps From IT & OT To IOT and Connectedness

Our platform and consultants can help you transform from IT/OT to IOT and connectedness. It is not just about saving costs, but also about staying relevant in an era of sensor and device data explosion that results in convergence of intelligence, to stay connected to clients, and most importantly boost production.

Real-time parts flow monitoring

Operational Intelligence

Fastest Production Issue resolution

Supply-Chain and Telemetry Analytics