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Cloud computing is a disruptive change for any organization with IT; both in terms of operations and offerings. It is a new way to think about to think about how to use IT and how to deliver IT services. At Saturam, we offer services catered to organizations at any level of Cloud adoption/aspiration,


With no Cloud adoption to being in ‘thinking about it’ state


Adopted Cloud technologies for some parts of the business with great room to increase adoption/offerings

Lightning and Thunder

Everything happens using Cloud and offerings delivered via Cloud

Sunny – Hardware not so Hard anymore

A proper phased adoption of Cloud for IT infrastructure allows for dramatic reduction in IT capital expenditure costs. Potential reach of your offerings becomes boundless by re-architecting them and delivering them through Cloud. We assess cloud readiness, advise on how to improve it with tangible benefits outlined and consult/implement your path towards cloud. We operate both at optimizing your hardware infrastructure and also re-tune your offerings through cloud.

Cloudy – Master its potential

Delivering IT services through Cloud allows for a scale-up in terms of quality and quantity in ways that were never imaginable before. At the same time, it brings concerns – Will customers like their data/interactions being out in the cloud? What if the Cloud goes down? Locked-in to this Cloud vendor forever? We help you mitigate the risks these concerns represent and deal with them in a way that will bring confidence to your both your internal and customers.

Lightning & Thunder – Let us support your flight

We understand your experiences with the intent of working with you to overcome the challenges that you may face. We take over your pain points and manage them to your satisfaction. We help your teams as defined by your experience. In short, we feel your experience is an invaluable lesson for us to offer anything back to you; so we want to listen. Reach out (link)