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Out-of-the-box CSP Transformation

Off-the-shelf Data Pipelines for Analytics and CSP Transformation

Imagine a customizable analytics pipeline that enables CSPs to tap into relevant data to derive customer-specific, process-specific or goal-specific insights and creates a positive analytics loop. This advantage would help drive improved service quality, customer experience, fraud management and of course boost ROIs.

Drive brontobyte driven IOT connectivity

As devices and sensors go mainstream, use our robust data pipelines to store and compute the brontobytes of data from these valuable sources of connectivity. The cumulative benefits of timely, context-aware decisions on the bottom line can be evident.

Connect network, security, customer and brand

Our pre-built pipelines lead to a constant stream of real-time insights from apps, devices, sensors and allow CSPs to take quick action instead of waiting 24 hours for information to trickle in. CSPs use our Event Pipelines to instantly determine 'intent to buy' products, network problems fraudulent activities, and brand sentiment. Timely action or resolution can improve satisfaction levels and generate good returns.

No Customer Churn

Our Embedded AI tools take churn reduction to the next level by predicting future customer actions based on past experiences, and discovering those most likely to switch to a different provider. Get alerted to changes in customer behavior and send churn-prevention campaigns at the right time.

Triple your customer acquisition

Embedded Analytics platform can extrapolate massive real-time data to map the user journey on digital channels, segment based on behavior, and identify engagement trends in order to make personalized recommendations and help convert a new-user into a customer.

Zero the Fraud counter

Our customizable AI pipeline can empower CSPs to spot and learn fraudulent activities in real-time and to act and prevent the impact on overall business.

Maximize Value from New Revenue Engines

Our deep learning algos in the platform, enable you to spot new opportunities for revenue generation from your existing subscriber base. The ability to assess customer needs will be critical in helping you pioneer new products and additional sources of revenue.

Triple your ROIs across all Telco use-cases by making it streaming, real-time, and integrated

Data Pipelines for Embedded Analytics help you discover patterns and allows you to provide highly personalized experiences that delight customers. One of our clients monitored patterns and assessed feedback to create stickier offers and targeted discounts on a new service. It helped boost QoQ revenue, which was a combination of new revenue and continued loyalty owing to effective re-engagement via customized offers and loyalty rewards.

Automated. Supports Customization.

Massively Scalable

Any data, Any format

On-Premise or

Is Your Location Based Personalization Succeeding?

Reward customers online, offline and everywhere with our location based personalization pipelines. Unbias the targeting and rewarding of customers seen as less risky and more beneficial to the Telco. Seamless amalgamation is the key to business excellence in the age of Embedded analytics. By streaming and integrating your telco data in real-time, you are well-positioned to drive huge returns on your investment while simultaneously raising the profile of your organization.

Drive hyper-local strategy

Acquire Loyalty through connected-campaigns

Optimize the network

Integrate & Track