Orchestrate Modern Augmented Advanced
Data Engineering

Saturam simplifies the data engineering lifecycle with tools for the multi-cloud & modern data ecosystem. Our innovative products unite data and data consumers, enabling them to apply software engineering principles for data.

Data Quality Tools
Data Lifecycle Management

Products for the Modern Data Lifecycle

Enterprise Data Operations

ML-Augmented Dataops

Saturam is a leader in ML-Augmented data management products that intelligently ingest, clean, prepare, enrich, & feature-engineer enterprise datasets.

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Qualdo for Data Quality

Modern Data Quality

We help you measure, monitor and improve the quality of your data and insights from any source, in any storage location.

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Data Testing Tools

Advanced Data Testing

Continuous delivery and automated testing for data are required for effective, production scale Data Engineering and set a high standard - when, where, and as needed.

A product suite, fitting hand-in-glove in your data ecosystem

Saturam is a SaaS company for compliance-aware enterprises. Our multi-cloud product suite securely co-exists within several enterprise infrastructure and data ecosystems

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Successful Data Engineering Deployments

Empowering data teams to collaborate & scale

Database maintenance

Easy to Maintain

Build centrally manageable Data Pipelines using popular technologies.

With or Without Data Lake

With focus on use-cases, data can be prepared on a data lake or a fabric or a mesh.

Data Visualization

Low-code Customization

Minimal maintenance, as data and rules change across your hybrid data ecosystem.

Saturam data products
Data flexibility

Flexible Data Movement

Move data from anywhere to anywhere, unconstrained.

Data Storage

Freedom of Data Storage

Store data securely and cost effectively, in a location of expert choice.

Data Computation

Purpose-fit Data Compute

Process data using an appropriate data-stack. Pick a time series db for time series data.

Enable ML-Use cases with
High Quality Data

Improve quality from the ground up. Don’t leave data science and analytics teams to work with low-quality one-time file dumps.

Data Engineering teams witness immediate results




Operationalized an unstructured data lake for SKU Intelligence, Near-real-time serving layer, Complex Data-workflows in 18 days

Without Saturam

~30 - days Refresh of SKUs

With Saturam

Multiple – Daily Refresh of SKUs

  • Data Integration includes CRM & Pricing Systems
  • Data Access APIs with SLAs
  • Product Managed Services, Swift and Agile production deployment



Continuous sales intelligence from BARC or Nielsen, and news articles, and channel trends published to Semantic Media Data Fabric in 27 days

Without Saturam

~6 - 12 Months

With Saturam

27 Days

  • Continuous Data Refresh with Versioning for Sales Cross and Up-sell
  • Data Blending and Enrichment for New Advertiser Intelligence
  • Product Managed Services - Swift Delivery from Requirements to Production

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